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This book and audiobook gives tools to create startup societies in a bootstrapped way, starting from simple business models like co-working spaces to entirely fully-fledged cities.


Let the experts show you how.

Have you ever marveled at how small geographic areas like Shenzhen, Dubai or Singapore thrive? They all began as Startup Societies, pioneering innovative governance in their own way. Now you can go behind the scenes with the official Guidebook from the Startup Societies Foundation. Experience the rich history of Startup Societies and learn step-by-step how to build your own.

The Authors of this Guidebook wanted to radically lower barriers for launching Startup Society ventures. This exhaustive manual — the first of its kind — explains twenty key steps for creating a Startup Society, covering everything from ideation to planning to running a full-scale city.

In Founding Startup Societies, you’ll learn:


  • Unique best practices for creating Startup Societies
  • How to create your own consortiums
  • How to design and launch competition
  • Ways to share mutually beneficial upsides with local communities
  • How applying concepts like “leading with a gift” facilitate cooperation
  • The process of scaling from small locations to larger ones
The knowledge found in this Guidebook is supported by fifty years of research, as well as practical field work spanning over fifty countries. Founding Startup Societies makes an excellent starting point for entrepreneurs who wish to harness the power of policy making to rejuvenate rural and urban neighborhoods around the world… or create new ones themselves.

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Executive Summary
STEP 1- Explore Market Trends
STEP 2 - Evaluate Your Starting Position
STEP 3 - Set a Bold Vision
STEP 4 - Create the Startup Society Venture
STEP 5 - Form a Consortium
STEP 6 - Attract for Lead With a Gift Initiatives
STEP 7 - Prepare a Baseline Business Model
STEP 8 - Launch a Competition
STEP 9 - Promote the Project Opportunity
STEP 10 - Choose Best Prospects
STEP 11 - Move the Memoranda of Understanding
STEP 12 - Secure Funding for the Fieldwork in Semifinalist Areas
STEP 13 - Visit posible Sities and Communities
STEP 14 - Negotiate Contingent Agreements in Finalist Areas
STEP 15 - Confirm Feasibility of the Top Site
STEP 16 - Help Government Deliver Policy Reforms
STEP 17 - Initiate the Quickstart Area
STEP 18 - Grow the Startup Society
STEP 19 - Stay Competitive
STEP 20 - Expand into New Markets
Messages from the Future.
APPENDIX 1 - A Startup societies Glossary
APPENDIX 2 - Model Policy Reforms for Integrated Startup Societies
APPENDIX 3 - Confirming Market Interest in Policy Change.
APPENDIX 4 - Site Selection Data Gathering for Free Economic Zones
APPENDIX 5 - Sample Request for Designation
APPENDIX 6 - Draft Agreement Letters
APPENDIX 7 - Model Concession Provisions for a Startup Society
APPENDIX 8 - Quickstart Private Residential Community
APPENDIX 9 - Quickstart Financial Model"
APPENDIX 10 - Management of Large Startup Societies
APPENDIX 11 - Procurement Documents for Corporations to Provide Services
APPENDIX 12 - Possible Resource Partners
APPENDIX 13 - Author Backgrounds
APPENDIX 14 - Works Cited