Citadel, Market and Altar: Scholar's Edition Edición


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Citadel, Market and Altar is the foundational text for the theory of proprietary community administration. In it, the late great Spencer Heath makes one of the most definitive cases for landlord led polities, cities, and communities.

His ambitions extended far, and included a comprehensive philosophy of human knowledge and experience, Socionomy. He uses this new field of research to explain the benefits of proprietary communities.

While Spencer Heath deeply respects individual rights, communitarianism is his guiding star. His core argument is that only landlord-led communities can harmonize what he sees as the three foundations of social life: Citadel (government), Market (economics), and Altar (Religion/traditions).

To make his case, the author traces the origin of his ideas across time, discussing examples of voluntary communities from pre-Norman England and the Renaissance. Spencer Heath uses these cases to forecast how proprietary communities might look like in the future. If you are interested in the future of new communities and the social forces that underpin them, download this book and share it wide.

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