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Intentional Communities with Sky Blue - Startup Society Podcast Episode 42
Joe chats with Sky Blue, the Executive Director of the Foundation for Intentional Communities
Government as a Service with Tim Draper
Joe chat's with famed venture capitalist Tim Draper, founder of Draper Associates and Draper University. They talk about the future of governance and blockchain.
Hong Kong Localism with Joshua Wong
In this episode Joe has a call with Joshua Wong, the secretary general of Demosisto, the Hong Kong pro-democracy party. Joshua as been a leading figure in the Umbrella Revolution. They talk about ...
Zones for Economic Development with Juan Torrents
Joe chats with Juan Torrents, the founder and president of FEMOZA, the worlds leading zone NGO. They discuss the trends in the zone industry and the impact zones have on economic development.
Building a Logistics Hub with Free Trade Zones with Jack Hedge
Joe sits down with Jack Hedge, the Executive Director of the Utah Inland Port Authority, they chat about strategies for running a successful special jurisdiction operation and how to make it a ...
Lessons of Liechtenstein with Prince Michael
Joseph McKinney interview his Serene Highness, Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, about his country's success and global geopolitics.
Digital Government With Alex Wellman
Joe chats with Alex Wellman, an employee of Estonia's e-residency department, to discuss e-governance, digital security, and Estonia's digital history.
Arctic Governance with Don Walsh
Joe interviews famed diver and explorer Don Walsh on how countries jointly govern Antarctica
Decentralized Frontiers with Vinay Gupta
Founder of Ethereum and Mattereum discusses the future of decentralized jurisdictions and applications.
Enterprising Spirits with Larry Reed
Larry Reed discusses historical Startup Societies and the phychology of innovators.
Chinese Ghost Cities
The Author of Chinese Ghost Cities, Wade Shepards, discusses the use of SEZ and Urban development by the CCP.
Bashar Masri - Rawabi City
We talk to the founder of a Private City in Palestine with the goal of economically empowering its people.
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