Mark Frazier is chairman of Startup Societies Foundation and president of Openworld. These nonprofit ventures specialize in land value appreciation as a means ofprivately funding public goods. His ongoing interest is on helping communitiesand entrepreneurs awaken real estate assets through policy reforms, learning innovations, and challenge offers for inclusive, self-funding growth.

Over the past 45 years, Mark has worked in more than 50 countries on freeeconomic zones and information technology-enabled development. Projects have included pre-investment studies and on business climate reforms to removebarriers to investment and entrepreneurship. Among the overseas initiatives he has assisted are Zonamerica ( in Uruguay, the Montego Bay Free Zonein Jamaica, and dozens of free zones and business and technology parks in the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Israel, Bulgaria, Mauritius, and other emergingeconomies. As a consultant, he assisted the world’s first free economic zones oriented towards global information processing markets. For the World Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, USAID, and the Organization ofAmerican States, he also advised on export competitiveness and informationtechnology workforce strategies in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Egypt, EasternEurope, and the Caribbean.

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