Announcement: 2018

The New Year presents a chance to look back on achievements of the past as well as plans for the future. SSF plans on making 2018 the most boundary-pushing year to date. New partnerships, events, content formats, works and ideas will mark the upcoming 12 months.

Connections with academic scholars, non-profits, engineers and government officials will provide us with a hitherto unseen quality of data, arguments, discourse and projects that we will share with our subscribers.

This year, Startup Societies Foundation will establish several unique article series for different subjects in the new governance world. Some SSF followers aren’t as interested in certain developments and ideas as they are in others, and we plan on establishing a new content creation paradigm to best inform and empower the forthcoming wave of governance innovators.

1. The “Frontiers” series

Startup societies as a field are firmly within the purview of innovators, pioneers and trail-blazers. Few would ever think of the Antarctic, the high seas or the Sahara desert as the prime locations for establishing new cities and communities – but the frontiersman’s steely eyes look for just such a challenge.

In this series, we will examine the far-flung recesses of our bountiful planet and how new human coexistence can spring to life where none dare to venture. From commanding unclaimed lands to constructing new ones, this series will contain everything that the avant-garde wanted to know but neglected to ask.

2. The “Argue” series

Even though we maintain that mere argumentation will not bring forth the innovative world of tomorrow, battles must be won in the minds of people today. The battlefields of political and economic debate are rife with subjects that the Startup Societies model would be perfectly capable of solving.

This is by no measure a key part of SSF’s mission, but providing logical and empirical arguments for our positions and solutions does seem a significant task in the long term establishing of a better world. These articles will effectively answer the skeptic’s frequently asked questions regarding the subject of startup societies, and over 10 articles are planned for this year.

3. The “Build” series

Inspiration is the key to improving human activity: we will endeavor to motivate potential startup society entrepreneurs through the mention of successful projects as well as ones that were not so. News regarding best policy and governance solutions in startup societies will be announced and investigated for use in future undertakings.

Whether one wishes to know about the latest in governance innovations from existing nations and societies, new projects or which mistakes to avoid, all will be able to keep up with the latest and greatest.

4. The “Startup Societies History” series

For those uninterested in the latest and greatest, perhaps simply the greatest is the way to go. In this series with a planned monthly article schedule, we will examine the historic examples of startup societies which created the world we enjoy today.

Medieval Europe, classical ages, as well as oft-overlooked exotic civilizations will be examined and presented in this series detailing the long and hard-fought battle for establishing a true free market in governance.

These upcoming content series will engage all groups of people interested in Startup societies and educate the newly-initiated in the wave of innovation that will define the decades to come.

SSF’s last year showed enormous promise: a successful summit in San Francisco and New York, engaging content and influential, knowledgeable contacts in the startup societies world established the momentum that SSF will work hard to improve on further in 2018.

SSF thanks you for your continued support and wishes you a successful 2018!

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