Rebuilding Puerto Rico 4: Call to action


We have written three articles regarding Puerto Rico, which established the background of the problems facing the island Commonwealth.

We wish to remind our readers that over 15% of the island’s population still does not have access to electricity, several months after the disaster. Furthermore, poor governance leads to economic predictions seeing a reduction of Puerto Rico’s economy by 8% in 2018, and the debt crisis is yet to be solved.



On May 9th and 10th, Startup Societies Foundation will be holding a Summit at George Mason University, where we will meet to discuss, create and invest in innovative solutions for the situation in Puerto Rico.


Speakers joining us include Joe Quirk, Titus Gebel, Tom W. Bell, Lotta Moberg, Derek Magill and many others.

We want to attract the best talents in governance, decentralization, regulatory technology, Blockchain, law, business, and economics. Our subscribers are some of the most curious and driven entrepreneurs in these spaces, and having all these personalities in the same room will generate chain-reactions that will lead to innovative, sustainable and profitable solutions to Puerto Rico’s ills.


Joining this circle of innovators will do wonders for job-seekers, activists, investors, students and veteran entrepreneurs alike. Most importantly, the ideas that arise at this conference will lead to the creation of startup societies in Puerto Rico that will cement the island’s position as a competitive, modern player in the world!

Join us! Visitors, speakers, and partners are all more than welcome to help create an island powerhouse in the Caribbean to rival Hong Kong.

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